My Birthday!

Hello! Today is my birthday and, as promised, I'll post something. All anniversaries are times of celebration and all anniversaries have:

- Music;

- Friends;

- Champagne;

- Food;

- Gifts;

- A Cake (Of Course);

I think my cake will have a photo of ABBA, but I'm not sure because it's a surprise and my mom don't tell me, but if the cake has a picture of them, I'll post a photo later. Bye!!

PS. Thank you Monica!


  1. Oi! Feliz aniversário!!
    Muitas felicidades \o//

    Tomara que teu bolo tenha uma foto do ABBA ;)

    Beijo grande*

  2. Absolutely happy birthday for you!
    And great post!

  3. You are welcome. Love the pictures and I hope you got an ABBA picture on your cake. Have a good day. :o)

  4. Anonymous9/16/2010

    Happy birthday! I was 13 a few days before on the 4th!