More Rare Pictures!

I found these pictures and I had to post them because they seem really rare, at least for me. Please, leave your comment! Thanks!


Drawing ABBA!

Learn How To Draw Frida!

Drawings Of ABBA:


My Cake!

I'm 14 years old now. Here are the photos. I cut my cake too soon, so I don't have the rest of it, but I hope you like it.


Birthday Cake Photos Just Tomorrow!

Hello! Today I took some pictures of my cake and tomorrow I'll post them here. See Ya!

My Birthday!

Hello! Today is my birthday and, as promised, I'll post something. All anniversaries are times of celebration and all anniversaries have:

- Music;

- Friends;

- Champagne;

- Food;

- Gifts;

- A Cake (Of Course);

I think my cake will have a photo of ABBA, but I'm not sure because it's a surprise and my mom don't tell me, but if the cake has a picture of them, I'll post a photo later. Bye!!

PS. Thank you Monica!


Days Off!

Hello, I just wanted to say that I won't post anything until my birthday, 9th September, because the internet isn't working. Kisses and thanks for visiting this blog. :)


Photos of Agnetha With Men!

I have many pictures of Agnetha with men so I decided to post them. Hope you like them!!