Little Photos!

New little photos! It's raining and I'm home alone! Leave your comments!!


My New Blog!!

I have a new blog, but I'm still going to post photos and videos here. The other blog is: http://thesoundofagnetha.blogspot.com/ and it has all the songs that Agnetha sang (I will be posting them everyday until I don't know anymore songs). So if you like to listen to Agnetha's songs, go there because you can search them alphabetically. Please vote and leave your comments! Thanks!!


Some Pictures Of Benny and Björn!

Benny is very cute, but I still prefer Björn...


ABBA 4Ever in Twitter!

Today I made a Twitter account for my blog. There you can see what I'm going to post in my blog.
Here's the link: http://twitter.com/ABBA4EverBlog
If you have a Twitter account too, please follow. Thanks!!!


Benny Had A Drinking Problem!

I just found out that Benny had a problem with alcohol, but fortunatly he stoped drinking nine years ago. If you want to know more, go to: http://www.helensjoholm.nu/ver2/blandat/KingBenny.html