ABBA's Funny Interview...

Rudi Carrell: "Yesterday they visited Princess Margaret in England and today they're our guests - ABBA! And I always think it's nice to see you. I never saw two couples acting as perfectly as you do."
Agnetha: "No! This is wrong. We have to change!
Rudi: "Sorry! I misunderstood. You belong together. This won't happen again!" (to Frida) "How is the baby?"
"Oh, that's not my son, it's Agnetha's!"
Rudi: "Oh, she's got the baby ... how long ago? Two months I think?
Agnetha: "Yes, he's now two months old."
Rudi: "Two months. Has he said anything yet? Is he talking yet?"
Agnetha: "Yes, of course!"
"What does he say?"
Agnetha: "He says, 'ABBA ABBA ABBA"

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